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The PYL Episode Guide!

New Version 6.0
By: Brian Dominy, Todd Hunter, Adam Marchese, Jason Hernandez, et al.
SPECIAL THANKS to David Hammett
With additional editing by Adam Marchese and Jason Hernandez

  Well, thanks to most of the tapes I have, and an especially big thanks to GSN .... we are finally back online with the newest edition of the PYL episode guide. Big thanks to my sister, other sources, and more!  These other contributors each helped out in their own way, whether it was filling a couple small blanks, taping shows, and providing summaries!

**Latest updates (as of March 22, 2015): Part five has seen some more fixes, some gaps filled, and even more corrections as GSN airs more episodes from 1986.

*Section One is now COMPLETE (except one missing episode). Section Two is COMPLETE. Section Three is COMPLETE. Section Four is COMPLETE. For those first four sections combined, only one episode TOTAL is missing information.
--Nick Mooneyhan --Jacky Hernandez, my sis, for taping those PYL eps! --Kris Lane
--Daniel Fong --Peter Harris --Tyshaun Miles
--Brian Sapinski --Eddie Shore --Tim Watanabe
--Fearon Derry --Brad Jauffman -Also to Randy West
--Scott Reside --Ian Wallis --and a plethora of others

HUGE shoutouts go out to Brian Sapinski and Nicholas Mooneyhan who helped out with this episode guide in the early going! Thanks to both of you! Additional thanks goes out to Aaron Wakamatsu and his brilliant work, as well! Also, a very BIG and special thanks to the original listers of the episode guide: David Hammett, Brian Dominy, Todd "PYL kid" Hunter, and Adam Marchese. This list would not be possible without their help, and I have to acknowledge the guys who got it all started over two decades ago.

Also, an indirect thanks to Zach Horan for giving me something to do by actually answering most of the PYL questions on a.t.g-s! Also, more thanks out to Tim Watanabe and Peter Harris who will be helping out with some of the summaries!

I will show the original CBS airdates of each episode so you can know exactly when it originally aired. There are a few gaps in between here, which we hope to fill in. I will also provide links (at least the ones on GSN and some others) for some shows describing who won and what happened in each episode. As more episodes air, more game summaries will be shown here.

**I've also included how many whammies are hit in certain games. Some people are wondering about that, but that will also be in the summaries.**

There is about 750ish Press Your Luck episodes that aired. Going in order, there would be a bit over 750, because reruns of PYL aired in the summer of 1986...but more originals aired in September 1986.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to talk or anything else, email me at: pyl_aficionado@yahoo.com

--The first episodes GSN aired was the 2/21/84 episode and the 4/3/84 episode. #110 and #140.  (Way back on September, 2001)
**GSN had only shown episodes #110 to about 558 for a long time.
However, GSN leased the episodes that would help fill the rest of those gaps before episode #110.
(Episode #1 first re-aired on October 15, 2012)
Also of note, GSN has leased episodes that would help fill the gaps after episode #560.
(Episode #561 first re-aired on September 29, 2014)

Thanks to GSN and some of my tapes, this documents some of the episodes, and when they aired! This goes through most of the run, including many of the episodes GSN has NOT aired!
Section Three completed July 10th, 2004. Section One virtually completed June 25th, 2013. Section Four completed January 11th, 2015.

The Press Your Luck Episode Guide (Sep. 1983-June 1984)*
Part Two of the Episode Guide (July 1984-December 1984)*
Part Three of the Episode Guide (January 1985-June 1985)*
Part Four of the Episode Guide (July 1985-December 1985)*
Part Five of the Episode Guide (January-September 1986)

people have pressed their luck since August 19, 2002!

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