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The PYL Episode Guide!

New Version 6.0
By: Brian Dominy, Todd Hunter, Adam Marchese, Jason Hernandez, et al.
SPECIAL THANKS to David Hammett
With additional editing by Adam Marchese and Jason Hernandez

    In the beginning, there were no "Pass" sounds, just the standard CBS ding used on most other CBS shows. There was no "whammy buzz" when someone hits a whammy. A Flokati Rug was still a new thing to the world, and in the beginning.....

I was born. Yeah, can you believe that the first taped PYL was the same day as the date of my birth? Also in the beginning, there was little excitement as the show barely entered the television waves. If you compare an episode from 1983 to 1985, there is a bunch more excitement in the 1985 episodes. :-) Despite that, there were still some very exciting moments in the first season of the show. $100 and $1200 only lasted for a couple months (22 and 53 shows, respectively), and the $1000 space would not return until the Big Home Player Sweepstakes spin in November 1985....and then in late 1986.

**First column is CBS airdate (episode # in parentheses), then the three players [champions are in bold], who won, their score, and any notes.

PILOT episode--Jack/Maggie Brown/Matt
Date (ep #)
Link for some eps
Player #1 Player #2 Player #3 Champion Total
(Grand Total if over one game)
Any notes.

9/19/83 (1)-! Lana Linda Phil LINDA $14,954 First ep. VTR: 9/10/83
The premiere episode!
9/20 (2) Linda
Linda returns as champ, only to hand the game to Henri in the end. Nice comeback! Tough questions!
9/21 (3) Robert
ROBERT $4,598 Once again, the question writers come up with some stumpers...
9/22 (4) Jim Robert Terry ROBERT $5,220
Many slides are messed up, and some scoreboard malfunctions...
9/23 (5) Dave Shirley Robert ROBERT $7,814
Most of the same errors as the rest of the week. Thrilling win.

9/26 (6) Allison
ROBERT $10,855
Robert is the first contestant who went over the $25,000 limit. (As it turns out, there was no DAY limit on the show; only a money limit.)
9/27 (7) Debby Maggie Harold MAGGIE $6,100 2/3 is an answer choice, and a "Sun Tan Bed" is hit!
9/28 (8) Donna Rocco Maggie MAGGIE $6,580
First ep with new "pass spin" sound, Whammy buzz, fixed slides, and the board not being so far. Thrilling and close finish.
9/29 (9) Randy Pam Maggie RANDY WEST $8,750 Randy West's 1st appearance. A heart-stopper in the last spin!
9/30 (10) Randy Cathy Allen RANDY WEST $10,992
Randy West's 2nd appearance. One of the BEST finishes in PYL history! First car hit, and first car win.
**Courtesy of Randy West. Thanks a bunch, Randy!
10/3 (11) Randy Clay Maggie RANDY WEST $6,000
Randy West's last show!
10/4 (12) Wendy
Thanks to GSN, it turns out Ken's run does, indeed, begin here! Now several of these episodes are pushed back!
10/5 (13) Ken
KEN $4,004
Okay, this is DEFINITELY here! [10/31/12 on GSN]
10/6 (14) Bea Steve Ken
BEA $7,822
The lights are still flashing as they press their luck in round two.
10/7 (15) Shirley
SHIRLEY $11,794 -

10/10 (16) Shirley Larry
Denise LARRY $10,179 Larry's head is in the way, and Denise's whammy form the early intros!
10/11 (17) Tom Larry Jill LARRY $9,516
Jog N Tramp makes a one-time appearance!
10/12 (18) Larry Ted Jeanne JEANNE $3,000
Second car hit!
10/13 (19) David Jessica Jeanne JESSICA $5,619 David's whammy from the intros!
10/14 (20) Warren Jessica Miriam WARREN & MIRIAM $0 each!
First tie! Warren and Miriam close out the week by each finishing with $0 while Jessica whammies out.

10/17 (21) Miriam Betty
Cassette Radio makes its only appearance. Miriam pulls it out with three whammies in her face. One of the more exciting early episodes.
10/18 (22) Miriam Sandy
Norma MIRIAM $1,750
Last day with the red backgrounds. Wall Recliner shows up, as well. (Round 1 board)
10/19 (23) Tom Draya
TOM $10,849
A few changes begin here. $1500 is now the top money amount in Round 1 as that board raises the stakes a bit.
10/20 (24) Taina Mark Tom MARK $16,911 Tom whammies thrice in round one, and quickly whammies out later.
10/21 (25) Mark John Jackie MARK $7,245
Almost breaks $25K mark. BAD editing and weird shots.

10/24 (26) Linda Mark Tom LINDA $6,000 Tom is wearing a cowboy hat! Very exiting game as Mark almost breaks a record... until the last spin.
10/25 (27) Marv Linda Kim KIM $19,438 Linda and Kim's spins from the intros. VERY exciting with the "One more time..." curse.
10/26 (28) Kim Patti Mark PATTI $10,060 Kim's BIG loss is here.
10/27 (29) Regan Patti Sam SAM $10,700 More weird editing here! Close game in the end as Sam wins by less than a thousand bucks.
10/28 (30) Tony Sam Aradine SAM $9,050
The reason for this prior hole in the guide is that USA actually skipped this episode way back then, and I was able to view these episodes (minus this one) with special thanks to David Hammett. In this game, a dramatic final spin leads to Sam's second victory.

10/31 (31) Peter Julia Sam PETER $9,329 "Cookware" hit here.
11/1 (32) Peter Lillian Jack JACK $8,200 Jack did win here with only a few spins in round two, and very few whammies in the game.
11/2 (33) Jack Laurie Ted TED $10,750 This is the episode where the second board sound effect starts!
11/3 (34)-! Dave Janis Ted DAVE $19,744 A classic where a spin goes back and forth! This might be the best episode of 1983.
11/4 (35) Dave Jon Robin DAVE $15,361
Robin and Dave from the intros. Dave retires with over $35,000 and is the biggest winner at the time!

11/7 (36) Marty Marilyn Jim JIM $7,293 This is where the flashback intros start, including clips from the previous week!
11/8 (37) Jim Joan Dan JOAN $1,000 Intro w/out background music.
A stinkin' thousand bucks?
11/9 (38) Bruce Joan Fran BRUCE $7,100 -
11/10 (39) Pam
TONY $7,258 Tony's reign starts here since on show #42, Peter and Tony say it's his fourth show. As he said in his interview, Tony busts the buzzer! :-)
Oddly enough, this leads to one of the more bizarre edits.
11/11 (40) Leeann
TONY $7,095
Tony wins the game despite the lights still on while he's pressing his luck, and in the face of three whammies.

11/14 (41) Toni Bob Tony TONY $9,750
Two people with the same name, almost.
11/15 (42) Tony Dan Cre TONY $10,193
Tony finally goes over the limit! No background music on intro, still?!
11/16 (43) Eileen Dave Randi DAVE $8,750 I know this is nit-picky, but the new nametags start in this episode. Also, the background music begins on the intros. Dave mentions that the board doesn't move! :-)
11/17 (44) Dave Al Susan DAVE $9,453
Oh, what a game! Exciting finish!
11/18 (45) Rocky Dave Brigette DAVE $7,995
First appearance of Thanksgiving Whammy and Dave retires!

11/21 (46) Beverly Kirk Arlene ARLENE $11,550 -
11/22 (47) Jay Arlene Elinore ELINORE $3,500 Terrible round 1. TEN whammies!
11/23 (48) Elinore Lynelle
NEAL $6,300 Elinore and Neal are here, and Neal wins despite going to USC. :-p (Peter gives Neal a hard time about this all show long as Peter went to UCLA)

11/28 (49) Neal Dick Helen HELEN $6,550 Helen Reiner's 1st day. Whammy sound inadvertantly played.
11/29 (50) Helen Cheryl George HELEN $8,495
Cheryl from the intros, and she gets 3 whammies in rd. 1!
11/30 (51) Sherry Michael Helen HELEN $8,065
Sherry has an anti-whammy button!
12/1 (52) David Becky Helen HELEN $17,050
Becky from the intros, everyone is in a rut, and Helen NEVER loses a spin in rd. 2! Helen has highest total to date.
12/2 (53) John Toni Scott SCOTT $17,772 Scott makes a great comeback!

12/5 (54) Thawann John Scott THAWANN $12,000 Board #2 starts, money increases. 3-fastest spinners!
12/6 (55) Marsha
MARSHA $11,899 -
12/7 (56) Annie Rob Marsha MARSHA $15,438
12/8 (57) Mickey
ELLIE $4,875 -
12/9 (58) Ellie Cathi Michael MICHAEL $10,635 Michael from the intros!! Very thrilling game!
12/12 (59) Beth Michael Jeff JEFF $2,000 "Ya know, if I die, I feel like I'm gonna kill myself...I'm going!" Great ep!
12/13 (60) Chris Dave Jeff JEFF $13,345
Many Big Bucks hits.
12/14 (61) Jeff Diana Greg GREG $3,900 This is the same Jeff. His third day.
12/15 (62) Greg
GREG $11,500
12/16 (63) Barbara
BARBARA $2,000 -

12/19 (64) Glenn Barbara Pam* GLENN $21,526 Christmas Week starts off with a bang! Thirty-one spins WITHOUT a whammy! Holy cow, what an exciting game! Pam will return in a future episode next year...
12/20 (65) Dee
FRANK $18,287 Frank has always wanted to be on a game show, and his dream comes true in a big way! Only ONE whammy hit in this episode.
*unaired (66)
12/21 (67)
NANCY $20,618 The big bucks continues this week with another big win, three players in the five-digits, and only ONE whammy in this episode, as well! (Two whammies this week...)
*Also, new plungers are installed...
12/22 (68) Nancy Tracy Pierre TRACY $10,100 X-mas episode with X-mas whammies, finally!
12/23 (69) Matt
TRACY $7,620
Wood Stove hit in this episode. Also of note, this is Matt Dorf from the pilot episode of PYL!

*Major note on the unaired episode #66. Apparently, Frank, Nancy, and A.J. played a game as it was the first episode on that tape day. However, the episode was that bad that it went unaired, and the same three contestants played again, but this one DID make it to air. This is one of two known occasions where an entire episode within the regular run was taped, but never made it to air.
12/26 (70) Carlotta Tracy Steve TRACY $8,960
Start of New Year's Whammies for the week. Tracy retires as a retired champion!
12/27 (71) Stephan Carol Daun CAROL $4,949 Another great comeback with another come-from-behind car win!
12/28 (72) Russ SuAnne Carol SUANNE $11,250 Carol's Big Bucks hit from the intros.
12/29 (73) SuAnne Scott Kennie KENNIE $24,457 Kennie is a female, and another huge win! Spin battle! Whooot!
12/30 (74) Dee
KENNIE $5,776
Kennie ends the 1983 year as a retired champion, which means we have three new players to enter the new year!

*No episode aired on January 2nd because of both the Rose Parade coverage on CBS, and also coverage of the Cotton Bowl. Both events took place that Monday since New Year's fell on a Sunday in 1984. From the December 30th episode, Peter even mentioned that the show would not be on Monday because of Rose Parade coverage.

1/3 (75) Casey Linda Tom TOM $12,745 First ep of '84. Three new players start off the year.
1/4 (76)-! Tom Vicki Troy TROY $14,600 Troy breaks the buzzer!! He also celebrates prematurely after hitting big bucks!
1/5 (77) Dalene Jeff Troy TROY $10,621
Troy retires as champion.
1/6 (78) Janet Linda Frank JANET $4,550 -

1/9 (79) Ross Carol Janet ROSS $17,324 -
1/10 (80) Andy Nancy Ross NANCY $17,195 Big win!
1/11 (81) Jeannie Gary Nancy NANCY $12,170
Nancy goes over limit.
1/12 (82) Gary Melinda Rich GARY $13,311 Note: This is a different Gary.
1/13 (83) Chuck Gary Dee-Dee DEE-DEE $14,300 -

1/16 (84) Gary Lisa Dee-Dee GARY $15,308 Yeah, this is the THIRD different Gary within a week.
1/17 (85) Pierre Gary Terri TERRI $6,961 Whammy in square #2 starts here as we enter a new tape date. Also, Peter welcomes a new station today! Terri makes a very dirty pass to win the game...
1/18 (86) Fred Rosie Terri ROSIE $12,422 -
1/19 (87) Will Rosie Rona RONA $16,092 There's a whammy in sqaure #2, and it is hit last!
1/20 (88) Rona Shiela Ray RONA $17,254
Whammy in #2; Rona goes over limit!

1/23 (89) Beth Tom Kimberly KIMBERLY $7,900 Kim's first day. Tom breaks the plunger! :-D
1/24 (90) Michael Nancy Kimberly KIMBERLY $11,493
Back to regular board, #2 whammy is gone forever.
1/25 (91)-! Kimberly Thomas Shelley KIMBERLY $8,595
Kimberly goes over the limit!
1/26 (92)-! Jim Mimi Mark MIMI $21,469 One of the best comebacks in PYL history.
1/27 (93) Mimi Irene Kirk KIRK $12,639 -

1/30 (94)-! Mira Kirk J.C. KIRK $7,306
Crazy J.C.! Also, this is Mira from the intros!
1/31 (95) Tom Terri Kirk KIRK $13,380
New and weird prizes start here. "Rhine Cruise"?!? Kirk's third win in a row! He retires as champion.
2/1 (96)-! Jeanie Susan Mike SUSAN $18,376 Susan is rollin'! In fact, she hit $5000 + ONE SPIN three times in a row! Also, Brazil and Scotland are hit on this episode! Also, a poem is read by... Jason Hernandez!
2/2 (97)-! Susan Naomi Alan SUSAN $25,603
This the biggest one-day total, and has the highest overall total to date. WOW! Susan from the intros!
2/3 (98) Joyce Karl Shelley SHELLEY $2,600 -

2/6 (99)-! Shelley Floyd Maari MAARI $11,150 Maari AND Shelley from intros.
2/7 (100)-! Jeff Maari Tricia TRICIA $12,445 Maari's second day.
2/8 (101) Tricia Leo Peter PETER $12,896 The Rhine Cruise is hit (and won) in this episode!
2/9 (102) Julia John Peter JULIA $14,500 -
2/10 (103) Marc Julia Mindy MINDY $4,550 -

2/13 (104) Jesse Mindy Brenda JESSE $17,364 -
2/14 (105) Wendy
New plungers (buzzers) with the yellow on it are installed this episode. Also, Pam returns because of a faulty question from an earlier episode. Jesse retires.
2/15 (106) Virginia Jim Shelly SHELLY $11,260 Three new players. Jim swears....but not like ANOTHER Jim.
2/16 (107) Dan Mary Shelly SHELLY $9,536
Shelly from the intros!
2/17 (108) Shelly
KATE $13,400 -

2/20 (109) Kate John Debbie JOHN $16,843 -
2/21 (110)-! Richard John Ann RICHARD $4,050 First episode GSN airs. Ann from intros, and Richard also won big on $100K Pyramid.
2/22 (111) Jim Cyann Richard JIM $14,144 -
2/23 (112) Kerry Darlene Jim DARLENE $8,520 Three fast spinners in this ep
2/24 (113) Gilbert Lorri Darlene GILBERT $16,595 Win is decided in a "move one space" turn. Flokati rug appears!

2/27 (114) Mac Gilbert Rachele MAC $9,449 There are NO WHAMMIES hit in this episode.
2/28 (115) John Terre Mac MAC $13,370
Pick-A-Corner is introduced! NEW BOARD. Also, one of the closest finishes ever...
2/29 (116) Mac Kevin Margaret MARGARET $3,748 It's leap day... and there are whammies galore
3/1 (117) Bob Kathy Margaret KATHY $5,050 The lowest combined spins ever in round 2!
3/2 (118) Kathy Jane Andres ANDRES $6,817 -

3/5 (119) Joyce Kevin Andres ANDRES $11,899
First Pick A Corner/Whammy hit.
3/6 (120) Kay Lee Andres ANDRES $800
One of the oddest games ever, with TEN whammies! Don't even ask how he wound up with only $800. :-)
3/7 (121) Nita Andres Otis NITA $9,250 Andres back for his 4th show!
3/8 (122) Susan Nita Michael MICHAEL $16,156 Double Your $$ starts. Michael seems very excited...
3/9 (123)-! Michael Bob Maggie Brown MAGGIE BROWN $12,932 Double Your $$ hit for first time. This is crazy Maggie Brown from pilot!

3/12 (124)-! Maggie Burt Laureen LAUREEN $4,000 Maggie comes ever so close to winning, but a whammy stops her......VERY exciting game.
3/13 (125) Laureen Dolly David DAVID $15,263 -
3/14 (126) Lynn David George DAVID $2,995
What a not-so-pretty game.
3/15 (127) Douglas Liz David LIZ $7,500 Can you say...whammyfest? This game has way too many errors to count! One of the weirdest games ever.
3/16 (128) Bo Donna Liz BO $15,383 -

3/19 (129) Bo Kim Craig KIM $14,766 Kim has the prettiest blue eyes...according to Peter. :-)
3/20 (130) Lois Rod Kim LOIS $15,091 Nice ending. In the end of the episode, Lois announced that she was given the gift of sight! :-)
3/21 (131) Gary Susie Lois SUSIE $10,649 Lois is here from all those GSN promos...
3/22 (132)-! Susie Cliff JoAnne SUSIE $16,471
Double $$ is hit again; Susie is over limit. Very good game with many whammies!
3/23 (133)-! John Jill Pamela JOHN $19,295 Lots of BIG BUCKS hits! Very exciting high-scoring game!

3/26 (134) John Geralyn Andy GERALYN $15,801 This is Geralyn from the intros! She has a high-pitched voice!
3/27 (135) Geralyn Betty Leon GERALYN $5,100
"One More Time" curse...
3/28 (136)-! Geralyn Julio Carla JULIO $12,506 "I'm gonna get the Big Bucks, STOP!".....Ahhhh!
3/29 (137) Diana Gregg Julio JULIO $11,950
Too many whammies! Also, Double Your $$ now appears in square #7.
3/30 (138) Julio Mae Harris MAE $7,800 Peter, this is the THIRD time someone hit Double Your $$, not the first time! Harris has a rubber duck!

4/2 (139) Karen Rich Mae KAREN $14,405 Karen Martin from the intros!
4/3 (140)-! Sue Karen Bill SUE $12,924 Karen "needs a pool table for Dan" and gets it!
4/4 (141) Jimmy Catherine* Sue JIMMY $4,500 Catherine returns at a later date because of an error of some sort...
4/5 (142) Richard Karen Jimmy JIMMY $23,849
Jimmy retires, and one of the biggest one-day totals in PYL history!
4/6 (143) Pam Kathy Clifton KATHY $19,866 This is the Kathy from the intros!

4/9 (144) Kathy Joanne Greg JOANNE $15,950 Great episode, but there were several technical errors, slow cameras, and Squares #2 and 4 are frozen.
4/10 (145) Joanne Jim Audrey AUDREY $9,095 Pick A Corner/Whammy hit. Second one.
First mention of Home Player's Sweepstakes.
4/11 (146) Tony Laurie Audrey LAURIE $13,456 Tony is probably the fastest spinner ever on PYL. Also, Laurie has a high-pitched scream!
4/12 (147) Laurie Nancy Jim NANCY $13,889 In this episode, Double Your $$ appears with a SPIN for the first time!
4/13 (148)-! Colleen Nancy Yogi COLLEEN $15,050 GSN had skipped this ep.
But now I have it, and it's a good thing they showed it, this is by far, one of the weirdest episodes I've seen... a summary is now here! VTR: 3/31/84

4/16 (149) David* Colleen LaVerne LAVERNE $9,895 David is another fast spinner, but he gets killed! Because the board malfunctioned, he will return on the 4/24 show.
4/17 (150)-! Joe LaVerne Diana LAVERNE $2,000
This is a very exciting game that turns ugly....
**Note: Features "Video Game Cartridges."
4/18 (151)-! Miguel LaVerne Patti PATTI $17,990 Patti's Double $$ hit occurs. This is the one from the intros!! This would be the first time it's hit with a spin. VTR: 4/1/84
4/19 (152) Jeff Patti Bette PATTI $16,352
Another exciting episode with Patti! She goes over the limit.
4/20 (153) Lynn Fredda Rick RICK $16,450 Pick A Corner/Whammy #3  hit. This is the classic last spin from the outtakes! VTR: 4/1/84

4/23 (154) Jerry Linda Rick RICK $6,950
4/24 (155) Sue Rick David* RICK PERRIE $16,542
Board #3a debuts. Specifically, $2500 in square #10 is replaced by another prize. David returns because he spun too fast... Rick goes over limit! VTR: 4/1/84
4/25 (156)-! Susie Betty Stephen STEPHEN $6,086 What a game.....a record is broken and will not be broken. A player obtains 12 spins in one round (the max), but then it turns tragic... 5 loungers...
4/26 (157) Dean Emily Stephen STEPHEN $15,386
Emily "doesn't want to see a whammy's face." Another dramatic episode.
4/27 (158) Sally Larry Stephen SALLY $16,016 Pretty exciting game! Sally wins it with three whammies!

4/30 (159)-! Scott Sharon Sally SCOTT $15,047 This is actually an exciting game with MANY spins!
5/1 (160) Darrell Scott Cheri CHERI $10,800 Verrrry close game at the end.
5/2 (161) Dana Cheri Mike CHERI $9,220
I was right, nothing important happened...except everyone got $0 at round 1's end.
5/3 (162) Lisa Jeff Cheri LISA $14,745 Everyone has $0 at the end of round 1! Several Pick A Corner hits...
5/4 (163) Gregg Betty Lisa LISA $12,422
Lisa retires after a very close second game.

**ANOTHER NOTE: Board #3b debuts on the 5/8 show! Some very minor changes, including the Pick a Corner color.
I never thought I'd say this, thanks to Zach Horan for that info! :-) Also, I was right in assuming that the change would occur in that week. Wow!

5/7 (164)-! June Scot Veronica VERONICA $20,221 Peter nearly passes out...! Veronica was gonna be a mortician, but it ended when she put an ear in his lunch...
5/8 (165)-! Veronica Catherine* Bob BOB $5,000 First episode with NEW Pick A Corner colors.
Also, Catherine is back due to a question problem from the 4/4 show.
Also, this is Bob who hits a whammy and then ducks down!
Finally, FRANCE is up on the board for the first time...and it is hit by Bob!
5/9 (166) Bob Pamela David DAVID $12,273 Pick A Corner/Whammy hit! Fourth one. Also, the kamikaze whammy is weird...
5/10 (167)-! Joshua Kristi David DAVID $11,838
Josh has to go on my bloopers list some time....
5/11 (168) Keith David Lynn KEITH $12,075 Pick A Corner/Whammy hit again for #5!

GSN has went back and aired these Home Player's Sweepstakes episodes!! DOUBLE WOW!!!!!

For info on the HP Sweepstakes and who won what...go to Nick Mooneyhan's PYL episode guide!

5/14 (169)-! Barbara Menard Keith MENARD $18,050 Home Player's Sweepstakes debuts!! Caught this ep from Thanksgiving marathon. PAC/Whammy #6 hit in this episode! Very exciting comeback! VTR: 4/29/84
5/15 (170)-! Sally Menard Brad BRAD $14,557 This is Brad's Trip to FRANCE! Also PAC/Whammy #7 AND 8 is hit in this episode TWICE!
5/16 (171) Brad Brian Teressa BRAD $16,000
Brad is a fast spinner, and the board starts rotating oddly. It comes down to the last spin... one of the closest games! Brad retires with over $30k.
5/17 (172) Patty David Jenneen DAVID $5,799 What a game! This is the FIRST instance where someone plays the house!
5/18 (173)-! David Becky Paul BECKY $33,410 Becky breaks the bank, and it would hold as the all-time PYL record for one show...until three weeks later. GSN showed some parts in this episode that CBS didn't show when it originally aired on 5/18/84, and vice versa!

5/21 (174) Ruth Carolyn Jake RUTH $7,495 Big total at end of round 1! Some BIG whammies in round two! 
5/22 (175)-! Geron Chris Ruth RUTH $16,202
Chris is a woman, FYI. One of the BEST finishes EVER! Ruth wins it by $10!
5/23 (176) Ruth Kathie Phil RUTH $13,644
Another great game, and Ruth retires as 3-time champ!
5/24 (177) Kimberly David Rhonda DAVID $750 What the h-e....anyways. Odd game.
5/25 (178) Phyllis
(aka Phootus)
David John PHYLLIS $9,550 Good first round. David is weird with his passing strategy.

5/28 (179) Ondreia Ralph Phyllis RALPH $7,431 --
5/29 (180) Loreen Dan Ralph LOREEN $6,300 Loreen is very very stupid in the beginning of round 2 as she almost passes all of her spins from third place...
5/30 (181)-! Jimmy Loreen Cindy CINDY $14,780 Peter tries to save a fly. "Help me!" PAC/Whammy #9 hit. Cindy almost can't take her last spins! A $700 win! One of the best endings ever.
*5/31 (182) ? ? ? CINDY Over $25,000
Okay, GSN decides to skip this episode...but I have a noted brief summary about this one.
6/1 (183) Mike Karyl Lynn KARYL $8,628 Lynn is a guy. (Like Lynn Swann) =D France is back!

6/4 (184) Karyl Jim Pat PAT $16,405 PAC/Whammy hit. Pat's loud!
6/5 (185) Vicki Drew Pat VICKI $9,180 -
6/6 (186) David Vicki Sue Ellen VICKI $9,295
Good game in the end.
6/7 (187) Pamela Vicki Ed ED $11,516 Poor Ed....that championship is short-lived...
6/8 (188-I)-! Ed Michael Larson Janie none yet, contunues to 6/11 almost $40,000 so far... Part one of the Larson eps. Also, this is the final day of the Home Player Spin.

Wow, can you believe this...? Michael Larson has an amazing run of spins, breaking records....and the people who watched Friday have to wait until Monday to see what happens?? YIKES! Talk about suspense, better than Millionaire!

6/11 (188-II) Ed Michael Larson Janie MICHAEL LARSON $110,237 Michael Larson's HUGE WIN! Biggest win in PYL history, and of the biggest in game show history at the time.
6/12 (189) Mike Jo Jeffie JEFFIE $17,698 Peter is still numb from Michael's amazing feat... This is a very good game!
6/13 (190) Jana Jobe Jeffie JEFFIE $14,702
Great game and Jeffie retires!
6/14 (191) Lori Mauri Mike MIKE $12,944 Car win.
6/15 (192) Sandra Fernando Mike MIKE $13,293
Mike retires.

It's here that the board starts moving slower for a while.....when $2000 in square #10 leaves forever.
6/18 (193) Phil Sandi Bob SANDI $7,855 -
6/19 (194)-! Wes Reva Sandi REVA $24,828 Reva nearly goes over limit. Another great game. Last day of "Larson combinations."
6/20 (195) Reva Brad Adoris BRAD $14,930 CHANGES GALORE!!
New patterns, new whammies, and $2000 is yanked for a third prize. Also, this marks the debut of Tammy Whamette.
6/21 (196) Cameron Cynthia Brad CAMERON $13,128 Trident spokesman, Cameron Craycroft.
6/22 (197) Kathy Cameron Richard KATHY $16,890 Lake Powell debuts, and Double Your $$ is hit by Kathy in square #10 from the intros! Also, I don't think the audience was rooting for Cameron...

**Thanks to Fearon Derry for providing these eps.**
6/25 (198) Allen Lisa Kathy ALLEN $10,250 Lisa is a cute nurse! :-)
6/26 (199) Quincey Gil Allen ALLEN $12,178
TWO players get three whams in the first round.
6/27 (200) Allen Vicki Brad VICKI $12,500 Lake Powell is first hit!
6/28 (201) Vicki Bill Tammy BILL $16,595 --
6/29 (202) Jeff Judi Bill BILL $9,800
Bill goes over the limit.

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