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Press Your Luck Episode Guide (Part 2: July 1984-December 1984)

New Version 6.0
By: Brian Dominy, Todd Hunter, Adam Marchese, Jason Hernandez, et al.
SPECIAL THANKS to David Hammett
With additional editing by Adam Marchese and Jason Hernandez

    This is the second part of the Press Your Luck episode guide. This is going forward, based on the aired GSN episodes, and also some of the other episodes I have on tape. Also, thanks go out to Brian Sapinski and Fearon Derry for helping when they did!
Also, I ought to thank Nicholas Mooneyhan and his episode for helping me fill a couple of gaps here... So major props go out to him and his PYL episode guide!

This section is now done...and will not be updated any further. =D

7/2 (203)-! Nancy Helen Patrick HELEN $14,250 GSN skips to this episode after the 5/11 episode for some reason. (When it first aired) Helen is a funny contestant!
7/3 (204)-! Helen Harry Elva HELEN $16,640
Elva has a high first round total! A see-saw battle in the end!
Helen goes over the limit.
7/4 (205) Art Alexis Laurie LAURIE $8,650 Independence Day, 1984!
7/5 (206) Greg Laurie Sharon LAURIE $10,559
Sharon collects cows...
A Houseboat Cruise appears on the board and it is won! Apparently, the cruise is in LAKE POWELL...
7/6 (207)-! Jim Laurie Judi LAURIE $12,011
Peter clarifies that the Whammy and Tammy Whammette are dating for some reason....
Double Your $$ + ONE SPIN is hit for NOTHING! Also, a Pick A Corner/Whammy is hit for a car! Very bizarre episode.  Laurie retires.

7/9 (208)-! Keith Angie Sancy SANCY $5,835 Many many whammies... and Sancy is cute, huh Mike?
7/10 (209)-! Corey Sancy Bob COREY $15,978 Corey is possibly the only contestant to be from Wyoming...? Lake Powell appears, but is not hit.
7/11 (210) Sharon Charles Corey CHARLES $10,501 -
7/12 (211)-! Clark Colleen Charles COLLEEN $27,407 This is Colleen's BIG win from the intros! An Olympic Phone is hit! VTR: 6/16/84
7/13 (212) Karin Tom Angela KARIN $15,450 GSN screwed with this ep. Pretty ordinary until the end! Lotsa extra spins are hit in the end.

7/16 (213)-! Tom Karin Suzanne SUZANNE $10,144 LAKE POWELL IS HIT AND WON HERE!! FYI, it is in Arizona.
7/17 (214) Steph Suzanne Jeff SUZANNE $15,039
GSN sped up the 2nd round here. Goes down to the wire.
7/18 (215) Andy Jani Peter JANI $8,200 Ay yay yay, GSN sped up my copy... Three new players...
7/19 (216) Dave Jani Nancy NANCY $13,145 VTR: 6/17/84
7/20 (217) Michelle Harold Nancy NANCY $750
Yikes! Well, this happened since her opponent whammied on his last spin.

7/23 (218)-! Gene Carol Nancy GENE
$18,270 This is crazy Gene Snyder's episode! What a riot! One of the great finishes. He wants $80,000!
7/24 (219)-! Gene
Joy Bob GENE
Big Gene Snyder retires with BIG BUCKS and three whammies in his face!! Also, this is the same Joy who comes back later......in a way... This has become one of my favs!
7/25 (220) Aaron Nyna Nancy NYNA $15,931 The players brought some gifts, including a stuffed whammy! Close game at the end...!
7/26 (221)-! Nyna Rick Stacey STACEY $20,421 GSN sped this sucker up. Also, Rick's head is always in the picture. Nice comeback...
7/27 (222) Lynda Phillip Stacey STACEY $9,945
Stacey retires now!

One of those eps has a PAC/Whammy!!

7/30 (223) Gene Donna Eric ERIC $11,500 Several spins in this one.
7/31 (224)-! Eric Ozzie Chandra ERIC $7,000
First show of NEW patterns, and a faster board, but GSN speeds up in first round. Chandra almost loses it in the last round, then she really loses it! TEN WHAMMIES!
8/1 (225)-! Rich Eric Adriana ERIC $0
(still $18,500)
What a game! Six whammies in round 1. ELEVEN WHAMMIES in the game! They are running wild!! One great game! TEN PASSED SPINS!
8/2 (226) Jim Eric Toni TONI $27,363 Eric is back for his fourth show! Game features "Wagon Trails Tour" and "Canadian Rockies" Toni is a female, in case you're wondering. Debut of Pole Vaulting Whammy!
8/3 (227) Alpha Gerald Natalie ALPHA $12,543 "One more time" curse. This is Alpha from the intros!

8/6 (228) Alpha Cheryl Jim CHERYL $15,560 GSN speeds up most of second round! Ahh! Very close game.
8/7 (229) Cheryl Craig Lynda CRAIG $10,556 Cheryl and Lynda take each other out!
8/8 (230) Craig DeAnn Sandy CRAIG $11,750
Have this one now...sped up.
8/9 (231) Cathy Craig Pete CATHY $2,950 Just a couple of whammies, and a stupid pass from third place...but then it gets interesting.
8/10 (232)-! Randy Lori Cathy LORI $24,685 BEST EP NEXT TO LARSEN EPISODES!
This is the heavily-edited episode where Lori and Cathy pass one spin back and forth to each other for about five minutes, and there is a $31,000 loss to a whammy! Very dramatic! Also, it is NOT Randy West, but Randy Weiner.

8/13 (233)-! Lori James Beverlie BEVERLIE $9,045 Beverlie Peters' first episode. What a hoot!
Joy from the 7/24 show is in the audience! You can tell she is in the audience!! She is Beverlie's best friend...
8/14 (234)-! Beverlie Ernie Susan* ERNIE $11,384 Beverlie looks like she is in pain! Also, Susan is brought back later in September because a spin is passed when it should not have been passed...a hosting error.
8/15 (235)-! Cindy David Ernie ERNIE $3,800
Board sound #3 starts! MANY CHANGES! Also, one of the whammy slides is barely visible.Very close game
8/16 (236) Vicki Ernie Kevin KEVIN $16,740 Pretty good game.
8/17 (237)-! Kevin Mark Sonya KEVIN $9,656
Kevin plays against the house in this hilarious ep. Second time this happens! It's kinda sad how he messes with Peter though. :-P

8/20 (238)-! Eleanor Steve Ted STEVE $19,423 Many spins in this game! One of the more exciting games! Double Your $$ + ONE SPIN hit for NOTHING! Technical problems in this one.
8/21 (239) Jeff Laura Steve JEFF $9,900 This is a pretty good game! Of course, I already had this..  :-)
8/22 (240) Heidi Jeff Bill BILL $6,551 A very quick game! The whammy is out!
8/23 (241)-! Sheree John Bill JOHN $17,827 Rod Roddy makes a cameo appearance! PAC/ Whammy hit in this game. A great finish to this game! Thriller!
8/24 (242) John Tami Kris JOHN $7,680
Whammy slides are fixed. PAC/Whammy hit, and "New Orleans Fair" hit. Peter's daughters make a cameo.

8/27 (243)-! Susan Brett Christina SUSAN $10,302 Christina becomes the second person to get the max number of spins with 12! "Small Appliances" is hit, and Susan has a high scream!
8/28 (244)-! Susan Todd Carol TODD $17,018 Poor Carol got 4 whammies in a row!
8/29 (245) David Christy Todd CHRISTY $10,209 Peter thinks Todd hit $4000 and a spin...but he was wrong! PAC/Whammy hit.
8/30 (246) Christy Dan Leila LEILA $4,924 -
8/31 (247) Dolores Jeff Leila JEFF $10,200 Double Your $$ hit for $1500

9/3 (248) Denise Rick Jeff RICK $4,500 It's Labor Day! Why are they working? The whammies are!
9/4 (249) Sande Rick Joyce RICK $8,202
Peter tries to break dance... PAC/Whammy hit with "Wagon Trails Tour" and "New Orleans Fair."
9/5 (250) Martha Frank Rick FRANK $4,608 -
9/6 (251) Sam Frank Maytee MAYTEE $8,000 (My-tay) is giving Peter a hard time with her name.
9/7 (252) Kathy Gene Maytee MAYTEE $15,152
This is a classic, and this is Maytee's final spin from the intros!

Houston, Cedar Rapids, and Detroit join the PYL family...

9/10 (253) Carol Maytee Del MAYTEE $3,950
FWIW, my birthday! PYL has some new stations! Peter does a "board explanation!" Del is going in my crazy section... Maytee retires.
9/11 (254) Shane Pattie Gail SHANE $12,645 Peter does a "board explanation" once again! PAC/Whammy hit. VERY GOOD END.
9/12 (255) Shane Evette Bob SHANE $8,789
Once again, a "board explanation." I guess this is for the new stations. Shane earned 20 spins total!
9/13 (256)-! Gary Shane Eileen EILEEN $11,207 Another "board explanation." Another appearance of the infamous "FLOKATI RUG!" Shane picks the $$ over the rug! :-D
9/14 (257) Rick Teresa Eileen TERESA $12,500 "Board explanation." PYL is one year old!

9/17 (258) Kirk Dee Dee Teresa DEE DEE $7,050 John Harlan announces this week. Also, this is the start of $2000 or Lose 1 Whammy. New whammies debut, including the "You're Out!" whammy.
9/18 (259)-! Dee Dee Nelson Laura LAURA $10,117 A Flokati rug is hit for the first time, and a very exciting pass from Dee Dee!
9/19 (260) Judy Laura Tom JUDY $10,049 I like the intro for this one. First time $2000 or Lose 1 Whammy is hit. VERY close ending.
9/20 (261) Giovanni Betty Judy BETTY $5,500 --
9/21 (262)-! Betty Tissa Bob TISSA $8,120 Portable tv hit. Betty has 3 whammies in the first round! Audience is nuts!

9/24 (263) Tissa Linda David LINDA $7,396 John Harlan announces once again. Weird prize stop...
PAC/Whammy hit.
9/25 (264)-! Linda Rick Edwina EDWINA $19,365 What a game! A car win!
9/26 (265)-! Scott Debbie Edwina DEBBIE $6,227 Scott becomes the third person to get the max amount of spins. "One more..." curse leads to $19,000 whammy loss.
9/27 (266) Dawn Debbie Regis DAWN $5,400 No, not Regis Philbin. DOUBLE Your $$ hit for NOTHING! PAC/Whammy hit for New Orleans Fair
9/28 (267) Mike Dawn Beverlyn BEVERLYN $2,500 One of those games...

10/1 (268) Doug Janet Beverlyn BEVERLYN $6,874
Several whammies in this bazaar game.
10/2 (269) Mike Laura Beverlyn MIKE $6,893 Rod Roddy is back! Yay! :-D
10/3 (270) Barbara Patrick Mike PATRICK $10,438 -
10/4 (271) Patrick Maria Kent KENT $2,200 Another one of those... Patrick's whammy from the intros!
10/5 (272) Glenn Barbara Kent KENT $16,853

10/8 (273) Joe Clarice Kent KENT $3,285
Kent wins...again! Clarice is the first player to "Lose 1 Whammy"
10/9 (274) Claudia Kent Ron KENT $13,259
Kent is back for his fourth day! He finally retires! VTR: 9/9/84
10/10 (275) Bettina Menett Gloria BETTINA $13,302 Nice spinning views!
10/11 (276) Ruth Jim Bettina BETTINA $11,047
Coast to Coast Tour is hit!
10/12 (277) Lori Jerry Bettina BETTINA $8,400
Bettina now retires!

10/15 (278)-! Bob Susan* Frances SUSAN $5,315 Bob is loud! Susan returns from the 8/14 episode because a spin was passed when it shouldn't have been... a hosting error!
10/16 (279) Robert Libby Susan LIBBY $14,784 Good game here! VTR: 9/10/84
10/17 (280)-! Lori Clifford Libby LIBBY $17,901
PAC/Whammy is hit by Lori, and this is a very crucial game in the end! Libby retires.
10/18 (281)-! Brenda Bruce Paula-Jo BRENDA $2,265 A very stupid passing move results in one of the best finishes ever on PYL! Brenda is going on my bloopers list!
10/19 (282) Tim Caren Brenda CAREN $13,220 --

10/22 (283)-! Mark Caren Mabel MABEL $0?!?
That's right, nothing!
$3000 + ONE SPIN slide is finally fixed! One of the strangest games ever...
10/23 (284) Debbie Bill Mabel DEBBIE $16,750 --
10/24 (285) Sam Debbie Lynette DEBBIE $6,000
Many whammies in this one! Whammy poems between rounds starts.
10/25 (286) Cynthia Chris Debbie CHRIS $15,618 Chris wins it the hard way with three whammies in his face! Many whammies.
10/26 (287) Janie Ruben Chris RUBEN $2,828 Several whammies, Rod squeaks, and Peter is tall!

From here on out, Brian and Fearon are helpin me out with the summaries. I will getting the episodes from a couple people: Brian Sapinski and Fearon Derry. Thanks!

10/29 (288) Linda Ruben John RUBEN $20,550
Debut of the Halloween whammies! Ruben wins all cash!
10/30 (289) Pat Duane Ruben PAT $16,736 Peter gets weird reading some of the whammy poems to prepare for Halloween.
10/31 (290) Bob Pat Barbara PAT $7,720
Halloween, 1984. Peter shows kids' drawings, and he does a little dance.
**11/1 (291) Kevin Liz Pat LIZ $2,995 I knew it! She won a Home Bar. Seriously, THIS is the first episode where the $50,000 limit is introduced or someone could stay on for five days. Liz loses $22k!
11/2 (292) Susan Liz Gregg SUSAN $16,395 Had this one already, and it was NOT the first day of the new rule. Susan wins a car!

11/5 (293) Nancy Tony Susan TONY $4,227 TEN whammies in this battle. Susan gets whammied with a LOT of bucks. Awww.
11/6 (294) Bob Debbe Tony BOB $9,854 -
11/7 (295) Bob Claire Marc BOB $10,236
11/8 (296) Adele Bob Lee ADELE $28,933 HUGE win here, and Adele goes 16 spins without a whammy!
11/9 (297) Laureen Alex Adele ALEX $2,550 Very dramatic finish! Alex goes in the record books by not taking a spin in the second round and winning it!

11/12 (298) Alex Mitch Margo MARGO $10,078 -
11/13 (299) Russ Regina Margo MARGO $3,333
Dramatic finish in this one.
11/14 (300) Bobbie Mike Margo MIKE $17,570 Show #300! Another dramatic end to this game. Mike from the intros. "I need it, STOP!"
"Stop at $3000 + a spin!"
11/15 (301) Susan Sharon Mike SHARON $9,250 -
11/16 (302) Sharon Tim Wesely SHARON $12,940
A good game here.

11/19 (303) John Sharon Kathi SHARON $10,778
Sharon will come back again, thanks to that new rule! Start of the Thanksgiving Whammy.
11/20 (304) Sharon Michael Ayne SHARON $6,500
Features the "Thanksgiving Whammy." Sharon's celebrating from the intros!
11/21 (305) Sandy Chris Sharon CHRIS $9,970 Sharon is back for her FIFTH day. Chris Kaas' first show. "Pilgrim whammy" again. Peter dresses as a pilgrim in the end!

11/26 (306) Chris Dom Diane CHRIS, DOM, & DIANE ALL with $0
($9,970: Chris)
This is the first episode where all three players win the game with $0, and they all come back for the next show! What an amazing and bazaar game!
11/27 (307) Chris Dom Diane CHRIS $15,089
This is..the Twilight Zone as the same three players come back! Great game here!
11/28 (308) Kacey Chris Skip CHRIS $21,468
One of THE most interesting games, and ELEVEN passed spins!
11/29 (309) Chris Paula Ron CHRIS $12,252
Chris finally retires after his fifth day! Another exciting game! Second biggest winner at time. FLOKATI RUG WON!?! What is going on?
11/30 (310) Cindy Troy Kate KATE $3,970 GSN aired this episode on 3/17/03 fot the first time. Great game that features a $16,000+ loss! Yikes!

GSN went back to February, 1984 at this point and we don't know if they will go past this point, or not....

Until 3/17/03 when GSN aired the 11/30 episode!

12/3 (311) Kate Ed Cindy ED $12,557 A wild bunch in the audience, chanting, "You, you, you," for Ed. =D
12/4 (312) Cindi Ed Cheri CHERI $13,586 Peter is wearing a funny hat since the African Safari debuts this ep!! Also, Ed did the unevitable by doing something rarely done...and a car win!
12/5 (313) LaDina Cheri Bob LaDINA $1,000 Quite a few whammies in this game! An "Xmas Tree" is on the board!?!
12/6 (314) Grace Spence LaDina SPENCE $11,288 Spence's African Safari hit from the intros!
12/7 (315) Brett Suzy Spence SUZY $7,637 Some weird sounds here. Also...happy birthday to Peter Tomarken!

12/10 (316) Craig Teri Suzy CRAIG $2,000 Teri brought her stuffed bear, that is a "whammy eater." Also, DY$ hit...for nothing!
12/11 (317) Wendy Craig Mike WENDY $4,245 Very interesting game...with some even more interesting camera views.
12/12 (318) Wendy Greg Robin ROBIN $16,041 A wonderfully played episode, good strategy, and a nice comeback! Robin from the intros! One of my new favorite episodes.
12/13 (319) Debbi Norm Robin DEBBI $12,400 Debbi is a cutie, and quite the comeback...and the buzzer is sick. So many extra spin hits..
12/14 (320) Debbi Jon Diana JON $2,250 The girls want to beat Jon up!

12/17 (321) Brian Valerie Jon BRIAN $17,229 Christmas Whammies begin. Also, two $500+ in round one?!? Yes, TWO $500+ in round one. Great game!
12/18 (322) Robin Brian Ella ROBIN $6,250 Robin is a male. Ella from the intros!
12/19 (323) Robin Carolyn Frank ROBIN $15,000
VTR: 11/17/84 Debut of "Skis" (with one "I")...and an answer in the form of a question? =P His total winnings in cash!
12/20 (324) Robin Randy Diane RANDY $10,340 Whammies start Christmas caroling in this episode.
12/21 (325) Adrian Randy Jim RANDY $16,757
Randy didn't win as much as we thought...but a very miraculous comeback! Jim is sick...he collects bath toys.

12/24 (326) Ron Randy Suzanne RANDY $10,050
The "whammy wand" episode, and Suzanne from the intros!
12/25 (327) Janet Randy Eric RANDY $24,169
WOW, what a total! Randy's big win from the intros!
Merry Christmas, 1984!
12/26 (328) Bob Cynthia Mark BOB $15,315 Bob from the intros!
12/27 (329) Jeff Bob Tricia BOB $21,429
Holy cripes! This is the second show in three days where someone wins over $21,000 in a single show! Also, the old board sound is heard!
12/28 (330) Bob Greg Jo BOB $11,897
Oh, Bob comes SO close to reaching the $50,000 mark.

12/31 (331) Mike Bob Sue BOB $9,591
New Year's Eve, 1984!
Peter wears a tuxedo, car win, and Bob pulls it off with three whammies! Happy New Year!

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