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Press Your Luck Episode Guide (Part 5: January 1986-September 1986)

New Version 6.0
By: Brian Dominy, Todd Hunter, Adam Marchese, Jason Hernandez, et al.
SPECIAL THANKS to David Hammett
With additional editing by Adam Marchese and Jason Hernandez

    At this point in the run, PYL was losing viewers because of the time change from its previous 10:30 AM time slot. The time either changed to the dreaded 12 Noon slot or the 4 PM slot. PYL was replaced in its slot by the revival of Card Sharks with Bob Eubanks.
    In the show, Add-A-One was a big hot spot and there were still some great moments in this show...but the loss of viewers was too much as the show was cancelled in September 1986 after weeks of reruns, and then a few more new episodes.

 HUGE thanks to Todd Hunter for the help in the early part of this year. Major thanks to Peter Harris and Ian Wallis for their help in the latter part of this section.

1/2 (592) Craig
CHRIS $11,834 Three new players do not return, but it's the first show of the new year, and the "1986" whammy makes its one and only appearance.
1/3 (593) Marla Joyce Chris MARLA $11,000 Last show in the 10:30AM slot. Ummm... Did Chris try to figure out the pattern?

1/6 (594) Marla Kent David DAVID $7,940 First show with the time change. Who let the whammy loose? Add-A-One is still in square #5.
1/7 (595) Kimberly David Tommy TOMMY $5,750 Peter gives full explanations of the game, for some reason.
1/8 (596) Ann Betsy Tommy BETSY $6,475 --
1/9 (597) Betsy Sam Jenea BETSY $13,738
1/10 (598) Lee Betsy Jimmy BETSY $10,797
Betsy wins it once again!

1/13 (599) Mayuri Betsy Jim JIM $9,000 --
1/14 (600) Jim Craig Perri PERRI $11,693 Perri says "Moneymoneymoney" quite fast, and a Flokati Rug win!!
1/15 (601) Perri Judi Darren DARREN $10,500 Peter goes and visits the board.
1/16 (602) Ruth Mando Darren MANDO $13,459 A combination that is guaranteed to make Darren say Whew!
1/17 (603) Nancy Lisa Mando LISA $10,700 --
**Something interesting of note...Perri and Mando get MARRIED! This was found out as Perri was also a contestant on the Eubanks version of Card Sharks on 1988 which was recently shown on GSN. I guess they really hit it off during that taping week, eh? At least that answers the question of where and how they met!
1/20 (604) Kathy Lisa Oliver LISA $7,050
1/21 (605) Eric Mitchell Lisa LISA $2,750
A whammy fest; a great finish in this one!
1/22 (606) Lisa Irene Rob LISA $13,900
Lisa wins AGAIN!
1/23 (607) Lisa Sheryl Don DON $12,800 Lisa lost on her fifth and final show.
1/24 (608) Karen Don Carolyn* DON $20,454
A flokati rug is lost, again. Also, Peter is giving away spins! ;-) Carolyn is back from a late 1985 episode.

1/27 (609) Bill Donna Don BILL $6,500 --
1/28 (610) Wayne Bill Julie JULIE $7,900 --
1/29 (611) Julie
Jennifer clearly has never heard of a "Chateaubriand" before, and gets burned by it!
1/30 (612) Julie John Joe JOE $10,990 Mighty Joe makes a nice comeback with three whammies!
1/31 (613) Sherry
JOE $13,749
Joe SOMEHOW pulls this one out from behind. Also, he manages to crack Peter up during the question rounds! Big Add-A-One hit, followed by a huge whammy hit later.

2/3 (614) Chris Michael Joe JOE $10,141
Joe Derry wins it with three whammies again...sort of.
2/4 (615) Dorothy Wayne Joe DOROTHY, WAYNE, & JOE ALL with $0
(Joe: $34,880)
This is it! This is the very (in)famous all-zero three-way tie between these three! One of the most bizarre games in the history of Press Your Luck, and it is all Joe's fault!
2/5 (616) Joe Wayne Dorothy WAYNE $16,260 What? Is this "The Twilight Zone?" Exciting ending!
2/6 (617) Steve
WAYNE $5,630
2/7 (618) Judy
Big Add-A-One hit in round one... leads to a big loss in round two! New prizes begin showing up...

2/10 (619) Sam
Yes, Whip is his real name! The whammies are running amok in round two. Yikes!
2/11 (620) Linda
2/12 (621) Nora
Nora is the recipient of many passed spins in round two!
2/13 (622) Deborah
Good game here!
2/14 (623) Scotty
Great game where the final spin goes on and on...

2/17 (624) Stacy
Stacy has a good chance to win the game herself... but passes the last spin (and ultimately, the game) to Stephan.
2/18 (625) Tina
Good battle in the end with nine whammies!
2/19 (626) Doug
2/20 (627) Debbie
Lt. Ivan Glasgow from the Marines has landed!
2/21 (628) Ivan
Lt. Ivan is back and he wants to "get some!" Another exciting game here!

2/24 (629) Ivan
Jackie returns because of a "scoring error on our part." Her getting $10 on her first spin was definitely NOT a scoring error! Big battle between Ivan and Linda...
2/25 (630) Larry
Linda makes a nice comeback with an African Safari win, and Daryl wants to be a game show host!
2/26 (631) Andy
Poor Lorraine becomes part of an infamous club, except she does it in ONLY four spins! Also, Andy is one of the few people to play against the house!
2/27 (632)  Andy Karen
The "one more" curse strikes again!
2/28 (633) Karen
GRACE $10,920 Very close game at the end.

*** It should be noted here that the reason for the gap is that USA skipped a few March, 1986 episodes. Thus, the episode dates are not 100% exact, but are as close to being exact as possible. Until GSN somehow acquires these episodes, or until OBs sprout up somewhere, these dates will remain as-is.

3/3 (634) Grace Hal* Randy GRACE $9,706
Hal makes his return visit, only to lose his money to the whammy once again.
3/4 (635) Grace
Peter visits the board again... and Tracey goes for a tie.
3/5 (636) Joy
KATHY $23,900 Kathy with a huge win here!
3/6 (637) Drew Kathy Louise KATHY $11,350
Louise can tie cherry stems with her tongue... what a useful talent! Another big win with ten whammies hit, yikes!
3/7 (638) Chris
ROBERT $6,143 --

3/10 (639) Zena Robert Ellen ZENA $14,734 ...this episode (AtB is on the board). Poor Ellen suffered a huge whammy loss at the hands of Zena.
3/11 (640) Bill Zena Deanne* ZENA $7,000
Now it's Deanne that makes her return visit, and Carpeting is hit on this episode. The "one more time" curse strikes once again, and TEN whammies!
3/12 (641) Michael
3/13 (642) Meri Lea
3/14 (643) Michael
Huge win, and an all-time classic episode of PYL here. Honestly, possibly the best episode this year.

3/17 (644) Chico
Gene now makes his return from a previous show.
3/18 (645) Frank
Another huge win here! Frank receives several passed spins here...
3/19 (646) Tom
TOM $3,500 Frank loses a LOT of money on this Whammy-filled episode.
3/20 (647) Naomi
TOM $13,668
Tom with a cold-blooded pass to Naomi, who is a cheerleader!
3/21 (648) Bill Kris Tom TOM $10,152
No, not Kris Lane. =)

3/24 (649) Brad Jacki Tom JACKI $18,568
3/25 (650) Ray Jacki Karl KARL $7,822
3/26 (651) Cathy
KARL $12,558
Molly returns because of a "technical problem otherwise known as a screw-up."
3/27 (652) Susan Rick Karl SUSAN $7,500
3/28 (653) Susan Joe Bob BOB $6,750

Charlie O started announcing this week.
3/31 (654) Kathleen Bob Oretha BOB $16,904

4/1 (655) Kate Robert* Bob KATE $7,000 A weird whammy here... Robert (the Robert I didn't like from Dec. '85) makes a comeback, but lost again...in a big way! He loses $30,518 on his last spin.
4/2 (656) Kate Rod Smittay ROD $11,624 Ok....Smittay?
4/3 (657) Sandy Rod Leslie LESLIE $21,038 Charlie O' Donnell announces. Big whammy loss, and big win! Also, there are TWO whammies in square #7 in the first round!
4/4 (658) Leslie
LESLIE $5,454
Leslie gives Fred a heart attack in round one by passing a bunch of spins in round one (with two whammies), and then Fred ends up being on the receiving end of many spins in round two resulting in a dramatic finish...

4/7 (659) Leslie Rick
LESLIE $13,295
Charlie O' Donnell makes a great cameo in the beginning!
4/8 (660) Ken Leslie Connie KEN $18,030 Very fun game here with a big Double Your $$ hit, and a $23k+ loss! Ken is so excited that he strips in the end!
4/9 (661) Ken Jon
Reggie KEN $10,994
Ken is back for more!
4/10 (662) Ken Lisa Mark KEN $14,675
Charlie O announces, and the contestants don't know the third prez of the USA?
4/11 (663) Albert
ROBIN $11,750 Ken is here...and he lost on his last show...bummer.

4/14 (664) Don Maria Robin DON $19,998 HUGE win with some oddball prizes. Charlie O is still at the mic. Robin leaves a flokati rug on the table, and Don's family comes down to celebrate!
4/15 (665) Brian Michelle Don DON $7,554
Rod Roddy is back!
4/16 (666) Maurine Scott
SCOTT $8,344 Scott makes big comeback, and the whammies are broken! Big $21k loss in this episode!
4/17 (667) Tommy Mindy Scott MINDY $6,600 --
4/18 (668) Mindy Pat Scott SCOTT $15,267 This is a different Scott. Pat sounds like Mickey Mouse. Also, board sound switched during a round 2 spin.

4/21 (669) Scott
Peter Tomarken hilariously sings the Davy Crockett theme song during the question round! Big whammy loss from Stephon in this one.
4/22 (670) Bill Bea Barbara BARBARA $5,568 --
4/23 (671) Barbara Greg Dwan DWAN
$11,200 Dwan Smith's reign of terror begins with a lethal pass...
4/24 (672) Vince Kevin Dwan DWAN $14,260
She wins a trip to Waikiki! Her highest total of all her shows.
4/25 (673) David Dwan Nadine DWAN $6,776

4/28 (674) Barbara Dwan Rick DWAN $750
Dwan survives this weird game with 10 whammies.
4/29 (675) Hercules
Peggy* Dwan PEGGY* $13,050 This is Peggy Davis who won an African Safari and missed her flight...meaning...
4/30 (676)

5/1 (677) Marc Aaron Kathryn AARON $10,684 Marc hits Add-A-One for $14,000, and Kathryn chants "Whammy, whammy."
5/2 (678) Peggy* Aaron Vance VANCE $9,089
This is Peggy's return, and Vance took down TWO champions!

Okay, this needs an explanation...Peggy Davis beat Dwan, and was still champion on the last show of the day. So, on the next tape day, Peggy Davis didn't show up until later in the day because she missed her flight! SO....there were three new contestants on the start of the next tape day, and then while waiting for her...Peggy did come just in time for the next show. I still find it funny that Vance beat TWO champions the next day! =D

5/5 (679) Vance Gail Joe JOE $15,346 Thanks to Ken Williams! A HUGE Add-A-One hit results in a big win for Joe, without doing much in round 2. Also, Joe is one of the handful of players to earn 12 spins in one round.
5/6 (680) Llewellyn Dave Joe LLEWELLYN $0!!
(That's right! ZERO)
Well, this was a most-odd episode! Also, Llewellyn could be heard calling them losers! :-P
5/7 (681) Susan Llewellyn Kevin SUSAN $12,700 Susan amasses $6,650 in round one as she is the receipient of passed spins!
5/8 (682) Mark Susan Rita SUSAN $16,400
Susan has a secret...and Rita wants to give her a gift when Susan gets a big AAO hit. =D
5/9 (683) John Susan Mike JOHN $9,734 --

5/12 (684) Rob John Donna JOHN $9,300
5/13 (685) John Judy Jim JUDY $8,850 --
5/14 (686) Phil Judy Dani JUDY $9,550
5/15 (687) Tucker Frank Judy FRANK $8,750 TEN BUCKS, Peter being incorrect, and whammies from Curt King's game.
5/16 (688) Leselle Ed Frank FRANK $7,000

5/19 (689) ?
Erica Frank ERICA $4,000 Erica wins an Alaskan Cruise!
5/20 (690) Erica Rich Joan ERICA $19,172
A TRUE CLASSIC! May very well be best show of 1986 season. Big prizes, DY$, spin battles, comebacks, crazy audience, and over $50,000 between all three players.
5/21 (691) Erica Mordecai Jeannie MORDECAI $6,342 Last episode USA ever aired. Quick game gere.
5/22 (692) Mordecai Kieran Bobbi MORDECAI $9,850
5/23 (693) Sandra Peggy Mordecai SANDRA $3,825 WILD ENDING! Separation from first and third place is less than $250!

5/26 (694) John Mona Sandra MONA $6,389 Sandra hits Add-A-One and sets a new round one record...but loses it tragically.
5/27 (695) Mike Rita Mona RITA $15,428 Beautifully played game on all parts.
5/28 (696) Rita Joe Cheryl JOE $12,262 --
5/29 (697) Joe Mark ?
$5,250 WEIRD ending! Joe had a chance to tie Mark by hitting Move One Space to $500+ or $2500. He took the spin and tried to win it himself...only to hit $750. =P
5/30 (698) ?
MARK $11,334
Mark wins a trip to Ireland!
6/2 (699) ?
Dewey Mark DEWEY $14,500 Whammies in the bottom row get a touch-up in round two.
6/3 (700) ?
DEWEY $9,150
SHOW #700! $9150 in cash!
6/4 (701) Dewey Mike Phyllis DEWEY $19,764
Mike does "Whammy Down Shuffle", Dewey gets loud boos and whammy chants, and a car is won!
6/5 (702)

Dewey appears for his fourth show here.
6/6 (703)

6/9 (704)

6/10 (705)

6/11 (706)

JO $11,006 Jo won her first show here.
6/12 (707) Billy Jo Tim JO $14,500
Jo is hilarious! Also, this is the episode where Billy says, "Whammy, be damned" several times!
6/13 (708) Jo Robert Donna JO $4,198
A very close win by $72! There would be some board changes because a particular PAC combination was hit.
(That PAC phrase will become a theme in the next six weeks.)

THESE are the definite airdates for these episodes.....and some WEIRD changes.

6/16 (709) Bruce Jo Paige PAIGE $5,145 Jo is funny in this episode! Add-A-One hit for $10!
$500+ is removed in square #1...and then...
6/17 (710) Scott Paige Jacques PAIGE $13,902
The board is REALLY messed up! MANY CHANGES!
This is the classic episode where the "N" on the SPINS podium falls off! Peter's reaction is priceless! Add-A-One hit for $10!
6/18 (711) Bill Yvonne Paige YVONNE $8,100 Board changes AGAIN! It was changed after a particular PAC combination was hit.
Paige's last episode.
6/19 (712) Yvonne Lauren Dave YVONNE $10,880
Dave has made history in this one.
6/20 (713) Howard Yvonne Sue YVONNE $8,043
Featuring Sherlock Holmes Whammy! So much high energy on this ep.

Some time during that week, $1400 is removed from square #10 because of a Pick a Corner hit where there were two $1400's, and that is the 6/17/86 episode where that happens.

6/23 (714) Yvonne Paul Anne-Marie ANNE-MARIE $27,617 First day of Anne-Marie Carrera! Many prizes hit, and a LOT of spins!
6/24 (715) Anne-
Dailyn Robert ANNE-MARIE $8,721
Anne-Marie's second episode, and many whammies. The whammies are broken!
6/25 (716) Anne-
Nora Mike ANNE-MARIE $26,370
Anne-Marie breaks the bank with, I believe, the second-highest all time money winnings!
6/26 (717) Keith Linda Jim KEITH $7,984 Nassau is hit here!
6/27 (718) Greg Regina Keith GREG $3,350 $1,000 and a Surf Jet in 07-B!

6/30 (719) Jim Greg Patricia GREG $16,489
A car is won here!
7/1 (720) Angie Greg Carol GREG $5,223
Greg "Mr. Vegas" won again in a very unpredictable game.
7/2 (721) Mark Donna Greg MARK $7,686 VERY weird episode, featuring a Tote Boat and a Portable Organ! Peter nearly gets hostile during the question round! Ack!
7/3 (722) Jim Cynthia Mark CYNTHIA $24,247 NEW WEEK OF SHOWS.
Mark is overcome by the flokati rug, and a pretty exciting episode.
7/4 (723) Jane Cynthia Robert ROBERT $19,484 Another big win!

These are DEFINITE episodes in terms of date.

7/7 (724) Lillie Robert Gary GARY $17,800 Some BIG BUCKS hit here!
7/8 (725) Michael Gary Marlise MARLISE $11,414 Wow, what an emotional episode.
7/9 (726) Paulette Marlise Dan DAN $8,309 Apparently, Dan was jipped $200 in this episode... but I didn't see it. I think CBS lost $200 here. :-)
[9/9/93 aired on USA]
7/10 (727) Dan Marlene Sam SAM $10,882 Dan is given $200 at the beginning of the show.
7/11 (728) Sam Todd Mary TODD $6,500 Whammy buzz played at wrong time. Very exciting game with a BIG whammy loss! Todd is going on my bloopers!

The board would change AGAIN for the third time in the summer because some particular PAC combinations were hit more than once.

7/14 (729) Todd Gary Nancy TODD $8,966
Todd excitedly eeks it out by $46!
7/15 (730) Michelle Dave Todd DAVE $1,550 The board is spun during the Q round! Michelle is a Laker Girl! What a bazaar game.
7/16 (731) Margo Dave Curt DAVE $10,186
Rod Roddy makes a cameo!
7/17 (732) Dave Anitra Tessie ANITRA $6,990 BOARD CHANGES in this episode. Now it is starting to look somewhat better...and familiar. One of the shortest 2nd rounds!
7/18 (733) Anitra Pam David PAM $6,342 -

7/21 (734) Craig Eli Pam CRAIG $10,655 I missed this ep. oh well... and Nassau was hit in this episode!
7/22 (735) Debbie Craig Andre ANDRE $16,750 That is all cash! One of the best games in '86. Hilarious moment in the beginning where Peter loses his clothes!
7/23 (736) Rick Steve Andre RICK $17,670 Good game here. [9/23/93 on USA]
7/24 (737) Rick Molly Nick RICK $17,047
Thanks to Todd Hunter for this one.
7/25 (738) Rick Grace Chris RICK $6,402
Board changes YET AGAIN! This is the last change where Pick a Corner is replaced by $1000 + ONE SPIN. This is NOT the final episode...

**Now, it is said that the final episode did, indeed, air on September 26th, 1986. So there are DEFINTELY more than 738 episodes. Also, based on these episodes I have, and the fact that USA showed a few shows after that episode... they went past their mark.

**Now, reruns DID air between July 28 and August 29. They showed College Week 1985 first, and then reruns from Summer of 1984. The last of the first-run episodes aired on the next four weeks.














9/16 Kathy
Kathy gets whammied at a very inopportune time, and that total is all cash! Because Peter says that Joe does not hear Rod Roddy "once again," we can assume that he won all-cash on a previous episode, thus making him a 2-day champ from before based on the odd total.

Joe is champion here, we DO know that.






KAREN ($26,806)
9/26 Andy Karen Bill KAREN $12,777
This is it. The final episode. A very interesting one with BIG BUCKS!

There it is, the end of a great show. Ah well. Thanks for Pressing Your Luck!

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