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The Press Your Luck Interview Page!

    Welcome to my interview portion of the PYL site. I figured that all of these interviews deserve to be on its own page, instead of just on the main page. So, here they are! As always, I am looking for any Press Your Luck contestants to interview for my site. To those that I have interviewed already, thanks so much, and I loved each and every minute of it!

---> There are currently five interviews up! I'm always looking for more, though.

If you were a contestant on PYL, please drop me a line at pyl_aficionado@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Press Your Luck interview with contestant, Ron Fisher!
He appeared on episode #274 for those of you who keep track. Read this interesting interview. :-)
Ron Fisher

 Press Your Luck interview with champion, Rick Perrie!
He appeared on episodes #153 to 155, and can be seen on many intros. This is one entertaining interview! Read on!
Rick Perrie

Press Your Luck interview with champion, Michael McSweeney!
This excitable contestant appeared on episodes #122 and 123. That's right, he was on the infamous Maggie Brown episode, and click here to read all about it. :-D
Michael McSweeney

Press Your Luck interview with champion, Tony Filosa!
Okay, so about 99% of you out there don't know who he is since his episodes have not aired on GSN, and only once on USA. He took a lot of dough from the whammy on shows #39-42. Hehe, he is also part of the reason a part of the set was later changed. :-)
Tony Filosa

Press Your Luck interview with...Randy West!
I'm sure all of you recognize that name. Not only was a frequent contestant on numerous game shows, but he is also the voiceover for "Supermarket Sweep!" Before he called out prices of hams and turkeys, he made many appearances on shows, including his three-day stint on shows #9-11! Yes, he was on the show during its beginnings!
Randy West

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