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Interview with Press Your Luck  Champion: RICK PERRIE Rick Perrie!


    Hello once again! Once again, this is Jason Hernandez here with a very special guest today. He is one of Press Your Luck's all-time big money winners taking the show for almost $40,000. Here is Rick Perrie! His shows aired April 20, 23, and 24th, 1984. The shows were taped April 1st, 1984. They have also played a few times on Game Show Network. You may have also seen Rick from the beginning clips when he hits $2000 to beat Fredda. His shows were #153 to 155, and followed Patti's two-day run at the board.

    Rick, thanks so much for joining us, and like all game show hosts ask;
Jason D: Tell us about yourself and what you do?
Rick Perrie: I moved to Maui and joined a large medical practice in 1987, then went into solo practice a few years after that. I've been living here ever since.

JD: So, do you surf?
RP: I like to windsurf out here and play tennis, and bike when I can get time. I try to have fun in the sun, but keep protected.

JD: ...and I have to ask, do you like the Beach Boys?
RP: Haha! I am digging those good vibra...
JD: Yeah, and you could do some windsurfing USA! :-)
RP: There you go!

Big Bucks!

JD: Okay, so why did you try out for the show?
RP: Well, I needed the money, and I was a senior at medical school when I tried out for the show.

JD: When you made the show, and went to the studio, how did the contestant coordinators treat you?
RP: Never had any complaints. They had lunch out for us, and basically left us alone. Overall, it was very professionally done.

JD: How was Peter Tomarken like off-camera?
RP: He was friendly but didn't interact much with the contestants.

JD: Ah well. Did you have any strategies going into the show?
RP: Yes, I did. I watched the show back then, and I noticed how many whammies could appear on the board at once. So basically, one of my main strategies was to wait until the board had a few whammies on the board--maybe at least 6--and then stop right after the board changed. That way, there would only be 1 or 2 whammies...or even none!

One whammy on that board

JD: Wow, that is.....brilliant!
RP: Thanks! I also wanted to have a good enough lead with as few spins as possible so my opponent cannot catch up to me. Wow, did you identify any other strategies that you thought were successful?

JD: Wait a minute, I should be asking questions here! :-) Just kidding. Anyway, I like your whammy strategy about stopping the board right after there were a bunch of whammies. Of course, there was also the Larsen strategy. :-)
RP: Now, that was something!
How far ahead do you think you should be before passing spins?

JD: I'd say at least $2500 per each spin that you had, since that was the highest money amount without a spin, and most of the prizes were under that amount. Also, NEVER pass from third place...only unless the person you are passing to has three whammies and another person has spins left.
RP: Good point, if you pass to someone else and they whammy you still have to catch the other person.

JD: Speaking of Larsen, you saw those, right?
RP: Of course! When I saw the Larsen episodes, I was just in complete shock about the whole thing! After watching the first episode, I was excited about it, and just in awe about how he kept hitting the squares with the extra spins. I remember reading about it on your site, and I remembered all about it. Gee, I wish I had figured the board out, I could have used that strategy and taken the show for money than I did!

JD: Thanks :-)  After winning the first episode, how confident were you when you went into your second, and third episode?
RP: We shot all the shows on the same day actually. I was pretty nervous each show. I was afraid my nervousness would interfere with answering the questions and it probably did a little. They shot 5 shows each Sunday. Had us bring changes of clothes etc. in case we came back.

JD: Well, I think it is time we take a commercial break right now. More with Rick Perrie on part two of this interview! We will be right back after these messages.

[Commercial break featuring Turtle Wax, Jack-in-the-Box, and more Press Your Luck!]

JD: Hello once again, we are back with PYL champion, Rick Perrie.
RP: Thanks, it has been a pleasure!

JD: Oh, you are quite welcome! Now, you won the final game; what was going through your mind when you came away with the Big Bucks? (No pun intended...)
RP: I think I was kind of stunned. I didn't want to stop.

No Way I'm going to let him win it!

JD: Ahhhh, I know the feeling. Really, I do, especially with College Bowl. Anyhow, did your appearances on PYL have any impact on your life?
RP: The money helped me buy a house which I wouldnt have been able to afford during my residency so that helped a lot. It was in Northridge but I left before the earthquake.

JD: Whoa, talk about pressing your luck...
Hehe, you realize that you are one of the biggest all-time money winners on PYL? (I believe 4th or 5th before the limit was raised to $50,000)
RP: I saw that on a web site the other day.

JD: Yeah, that was Nick Mooneyhan's page you were talking about. <small plug>
RP: When did they raise the limit and did that help some contestant go farther?

JD: November of 1984, and some contestants went past the limit!
RP: Wow!

JD: How memorable of an experience was this for you?
RP: It was a very memorable experience. Its still fun to think back on it and laugh.

JD: :-D Yeah, I bet. Now, your episodes have been rerun a few times on GSN now, are you still recognized?
RP: You bet, I have been recognized so many times from PYL. In fact, I still have patients coming in telling me that they saw me on the show, thanks to those GSN reruns!

JD: WOW! Now, what other shows were you on, if any?
RP: Lots! PYL was my third show. I have been on a few game shows, actually.
--->My first show was Second Chance in 1977, and I won about five or six thousand on that show. Then I went on The Joker's Wild in 1981 or 1982.

JD: Ahhh, you were still there when Jack Barry was on?
RP: Yes! I remember him. On that show, I won another $5 to 6 thousand. After PYL, my family and I went on the Ray Combs version of Family Feud, and that was in 1992. We lost that game, so I guess that was the end of my good game show luck. :-)

JD: Now, you went on Second Chance, the game that resembled PYL. Back to PYL, how was your preparation going into the show?
RP: It was pretty smooth right from the beginning. I went in with the attitude that I would as if I was at a friends house playing a game, but knew they wanted me to be demonstrative. I prepared for it by determining ahead of time how much I would need to be ahead per whammy before I would pass them and thought I could reduce the risk of hitting whammies by waiting until the board changed right after a bunch of whammies showed up. Having a framework like that helped me feel a little less nervous and helped me. I had a bunch of friends and family in the audience and that made it a lot more exciting as well. I had a great time.

JD: That all sounds great. Now, I know you have heard about the new PYL show...I bet you'd like to get on it, huh?
RP: You bet! I think I could take a few more bucks away from the whammy!

JD: Ha! Well, Rick, it has been an absolute treat! Good luck with everything in Hawaii, and I hope everything turns out great for you there! Great talking with you, and we should do this again sometime!

For now, this is Jason Hernandez saying thanks for Pressing Your Luck! Bye bye.

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